On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (OPRS)

“SMILE” On-site Pre-school Integrated Services: Provide individual/group rehabilitation training for children at school as well as training in centers with rehabilitation facilities. Professional consultation services, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and seminars are given to teachers and child care workers. Lectures, workshops and seminars are given to parents and guardians.

Sunshine Campus – Kindergarten Stationing Social Work Service Project

Service Participants:

Kindergarten students, parents/guardians and family members and teaching staff

Service Goal:

To organize and implement diversified service activities from a “child-orientated” perspective. (inter-professional co-operation and early intervention)


To develop our students’ abilities to solve problems, take care of themselves and to foster resilience within them.

To enhance our students’ potential and sense of belonging at our school

To support students with special needs and provide individual counseling to aid their growth and development

To support non-Chinese speaking students in their learning and to facilitate their family’s integration into our community.


To help parents nurture their children through a well-balanced development in all aspects and multiple intelligences.

To support parents with special needs, provide parent/family counselling and to improve parenting skills.


To provide support and training to allow teachers to understand their students’ needs and learn appropriate intervention methods.

To promote communication and sharing between teachers and parents and establish a co-operative spirit between the school and home.