n accordance with government recommendation and policies, our kindergarten provides support for non-Chinese speaking children to integrate into the school, including helping them adapt to the local education system as soon as possible and to learn Chinese. All eligible children, regardless of race or place of birth are admitted to our school through a fair and transparent admissions process.


Every year, our school hosts an inclusive Parent-Child Cultural Day to allow non-Chinese speaking students and their families to integrate into the school and community. It provides an opportunity for parents to interact and share different cultures and customs to help non-Chinese speaking families to adapt to our local Chinese culture. Thereby, establishing mutual respect, and friendship with others.


Our school is committed to train teachers and develop their abilities to teach non-Chinese speaking students. Our teachers undergo additional training in a “Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Children in Learning” course to strengthen their confidence in supporting non-Chinese speaking students and to provide them with teaching strategies to help their students adapt to learning in a Chinese speaking environment.


Furthermore, through our Native English Teacher and local SCOLAR English teachers, non-Chinese speaking students are able to hear and express themselves in a more familiar language to help build mutual trust between students and teachers which can help them integrate into the school more quickly. Additionally, teachers are able to communicate with non-Chinese speaking parents using English or language translators to facilitate understanding of the needs of their students and of the parents. Our school also provides English notices and/or teachers will contact non-Chinese speaking parents individually to keep them updated about school information.